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Guardian Home Program

The Program:

 We at Florida mini Goldendoodles are looking to expand our breeding program because we feel that every dog should have the love and attention they deserve. Our guardian program is a win/win for our breeding dogs and guardian families. It gives our dogs the benefit of going to their forever family instead of being raised in a kennel environment and it gives our guardian families the opportunity to receive a beautiful puppy without the expense of an upfront fee. This program allows us to put all our focus, attention and energy on the breeding process. It also allows us to give our puppies the attention, socialization, and love that is required to raise happy and healthy pups. Florida mini Goldendoodles will partner up with a guardian family and place a fabulous and health tested puppy or adult dog at no cost. The guardian family will then raise, train, and care for the dog just like a family normally would including basic normal cost that a family dog would incur. The dog will come back to Florida mini Goldendoodles periodically for breeding purposes until the end of the breeding contract, at which time Florida mini Goldendoodles will pay to Spay/Neuter and permanently retire the dog to the guardian family. The Guardian Program takes a special person/family that understands breeding and knows they are helping to enrich our breeding program.

Requirements for future Guardian Families:

    Be within an hours distance from our home at Florida mini Goldendoodles

    Have excellent verbal communication with us as well as keep us updated with pictures and vet visits.

    Must own your home and have a secure area for our parent dog.

    Must provide a loving, caring, and safe environment for the Florida mini Goldendoodle guardian puppy/dog.

     Must sign our Guardian Home Contract.


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